Panta Magazine

with artist Pepper Levain


Blanc Magazine (New York)

with model Sonja Hodzode (SMC Model Management)


Styling by Sonja Hodzode

H&M by Jana von Oheimb-Rosta

Assistance by Luca Engel


Sophia Friesen 

Styling by Lena Schröder

Kaltblut Magazine


in cooperation with Kleiderei Cologne


Styling by Luca Engel

Assistance by Dania Douwa

H&M by Christina Noize

Models are Fee and Tina


What colour is monday?

I am thinking about synesthesia.

Cooperation between Ostkreuzschule and Burg Halle

textile arts by Lil Petersen

Kaltblut Magazine

"No Man's Sun"

with fashion designer Hanna Schluff


Styling by Reney Marques

Photo Assistance by Luca Engel

Model Florian signed at tune models

Recent portraits: Berlin

Models are Lucia and Marie

HUF magazine. 2017.

with Samir Duratovic from Aquamarine Model Managment


Styling by Elli Drake

Assistance by Luca Engel, René Guido Habeth

Coming Of Age. 2017.

with Nils Riedel and Vincent Carl from Aquamarine Model Managment


Hair and Make-Up by Sarah Hartgens

Styling by Dania Douwa

Assistance by Luca Engel

K 0105. REDUKTION. 2016.

Fashion by Katja Meissner

Model Alisha Vogeler

Assistance by Marius Weber and Luca Engel

American Apparel. 2016.

with Julia Leineweber

Styling by Elli Drake